a tender place
offers individuals an opportunity
to form a partnership with a unique, holistic therapist
in a safe, caring environment.

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Are you grieving or experiencing the effects of grief in your life? I offer one-on-one, soothing, weekend retreats focused on helping you move from grief to healing.

a tender placeHave you been struggling and in pain due to loss, grief, illness,
menopause, divorce or other major life changes ?

Are you pregnant, a new mother feeling anxious, overwhelmed, isolated, or sad?

Situations can seem endless. Perhaps you don’t know how you can cope with such hardships.

I offer my wise counsel and skill as a Nurse Psychotherapist in helping you to find balance and a path to health.

In a safe, soothing environment we can begin to use an integrated approach; psychotherapy, massage therapy, spiritual counseling, and mindfulness/meditation to restore your health and well-being.

My MGH training, Buddhist study and practice, and over 35 years of clinical and holistic experience inform my mind body spirit approach. I encourage you to consider investing in your health and healing by forming a collaborative partnership with me and create a happier, healthier life for you.

Massage therapy has been an integral part of my work for decades; helpful with grief, loss, depression, and anxiety. In developing a new awareness of thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations you will learn how to re-frame and transform your experiences your health and your life.