Childbirth & Psychotherapy

To guide women through childbirth is to share in a mystery.”  — Sheila Kitzinger

Pregnancy and early mothering bring a whole new dimension to your life.

A pregnant woman’s body as well as the baby’s body is changing every day.

Along with the miracle and mystery can come feelings and thoughts of:


Sometimes you may also experience a frightening sense of :

Loss of control
Overwhelming exhaustion

Engaging in psychotherapy with a warm, wise and compassionate midwife-psychotherapist can be greatly beneficial for you during this time of great change and uncertainty. Together we look at how the pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum have impacted your sense of self, your feelings about mothering, and your interpersonal relationships.

At a tender place, you will experience an integrated model of mind, body, spirit therapy which helps bring about a greater sense of calm and well-being during fluctuating physical and emotional states. We work collaboratively to explore what may be the best remedies for your unique situation; herbs, medication (when necessary), dietary changes, therapeutic massage, Reiki, mindfulness, movement, narrative and interpersonal therapy are utilized as appropriate. 

In my decades of work with childbearing women I have seen how very important it is for every woman to have the opportunity to process her birth experience, for it (the birth experience) has a significant impact on your new life as a mother.

 I work with new mothers in person, by phone, or via Internet to help you cope with this huge transition —the journey through Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Post-Partum/Mothering.