Retreat Descriptions

Antidote to Busyness

I run into people on the street and ask “what’s happenin ?” they usually respond with “Oh I’m so busy”. And then sometimes they continue by telling me all the many things they are busy doing. Aren’t we all like this? Just so very busy. We feel important when we list all the things we are doing or planning to …

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Healing, by Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro

This is a powerful prayer/poem that can help us open our hearts and minds in times of suffering, and invite peace and healing to guide us through difficult times. There are moments when wellness escapes us, moments when pain and suffering are not dim possibilities but all too agonizing realities. At such moments we must open ourselves to healing. Much …

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The Rope of Mindfulness, by Pema Chodron

The Rope of Mindfulness Cultivating mind’s inherent capacity to stay put is called mindfulness training. Mindfulness is like the rope that keeps the wild elephant from destroying everything in sight. The rope of mindfulness bring us back to our immediate experience: to our breath, to our walking, to the book in our hands.

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What is Mindfulness?

Pema Chodron Mindfulness can be defined as “moment to moment awareness of present experience, with acceptance. Mindfulness is a skill which must be deliberately cultivated, and this is where meditation practice comes in. The art of meditation is precisely in knowing how to effectively practice awareness  With systematic and repeated practice of staying attentive to the present moment, gradually the …

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On Grieving

I thought I would share this excerpt from The Courage to Grieve by Judy Tatelbaum   “Grief is a wound that needs attention in order to heal. To work through and complete grief means to face our feelings openly and honestly, to express or release our feelings fully, and to tolerate and accept our feelings for however long it takes …

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